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At the Phone Repair Centre, we prioritize fast, efficient repairs and excellent customer service. Schedule an appointment, and in many cases, an iPhone screen repair process happens within 1 hour. Our knowledgeable staff is here to share advice and help you prevent future damage to your phone. We offer a wide range of repair services, but if you don’t see what you need, contact us. We’ll gladly provide a FREE quote and answer any questions you have.

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iPhone Screen Repair

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iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Quick service, lovely guy!
Would absolutely recommend. Phone came up perfect

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iPhone 11

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Awesome service, staff friendly and gets job done in 30 minutes

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iPhone 14 Pro Max

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I tried 4 other places, they all needed 3 days for my new iPhone 14 Pro Max screen. Luckily l called this place. They said bring it down and ...

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iPhone XR

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Phone Repair Center saved my iPhone! Cracked screen fixed quickly and for a great price.

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No matter your device, our experts can help you get back up and running fast. Check out the device we service to learn more about our device repairs.

Costs vary widely depending on the model, type of repair, and the repair provider:

  • Apple Authorized Service Provider:
    • Expect the highest prices, especially for newer models.
    • Use genuine Apple parts, maintaining warranty coverage.
    • Repairs usually cost more for newer models.
    • Example: iPhone 14 Pro Max screen repair can cost around $550 AUD.
  • Independent Repair Shops:
    • Often significantly cheaper than Apple.
    • May use third-party parts, potentially voiding the warranty.
    • Prices can vary based on quality of parts used.
    • Example: iPhone 11 screen repair can range from $120-$200 AUD depending on parts.

AppleCare+: Covers up to two incidents of accidental damage, but there’s a service fee (around $45 AUD for screen damage).
Phone Insurance: Coverage varies depending on your provider and plan. Check for screen repair inclusions, excess fees, and claim procedures.

Yes, several reputable services offer mobile iPhone repairs. They come to your location for convenience. Some well-known options include:

  • Phone Repair Centre
  • Mobile Repairs 2U
  • FoneFix

Laser Repair: Repairs minor cracks and scratches quickly without replacing the entire screen.
OLED Bonding Machines: Automate screen replacement, making repairs faster and potentially cheaper.
Refurbished/Recycled Parts: Offer a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to new screens.
Mobile Repair Services: Provide convenient on-site repairs at your location.
DIY Repair Kits: Empower tech-savvy users to repair their own screens.
Subscription-Based Repairs: Offer unlimited repairs for a monthly fee.

Apple Authorized: Varies, but can take a few days to a week, especially for newer models or if parts need to be ordered.
Independent: Often faster, some offer same-day repairs, especially if using third-party parts.
Express Options: Some repair services offer express or priority repairs for an additional fee.

Whether it’s worth repairing depends on:

  • Model: Older models (e.g., iPhone 7 or earlier) might not be worth repairing due to lower resale value and potential for other hardware issues.
  • Cost of Repair: Compare the repair cost to the price of a new or refurbished iPhone.
  • Sentimental Value: If the phone has sentimental value, repair might be worthwhile regardless of the cost.

What problems with an iPhone screen may require repair?

Similar to other smartphones, the iPhone screen is stated to be the most fragile part and it is easy to drop and break on impacts that require users to have them repaired by professionals. Beside the physical damages, there are some other reasons for the need of an iPhone screen repair. If you are an Apple fan, you should continue with the following reasons in case your smartphone has a screen problem.

  • Cracked Screen: Unfortunately, if your phone falls or collides with another object, the screen, especially on an iPhone which is quite sensitive, can easily crack. Cracks on the main screen are one of the compelling reasons that necessitate replacing the screen. Since a cracked screen can lead to various other issues with your iPhone, unless you intend to get a new phone, cracks and fractures on the main screen are the most common reasons prompting users to replace it.
  • Home Button or Touch ID Failure: If there are issues with the home button or the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on your iPhone, it can significantly affect its overall functionality. Problems may manifest as an unresponsive home button or the incapacity to utilize Touch ID for unlocking the device or authenticating apps. Resolving these issues may necessitate specialized repair to address underlying hardware or sensor issues.
  • Backlight Issues: Issues with the backlight can lead to a screen that appears dim or completely dark. This may be attributed to a malfunctioning backlight component or problems in the connections between the display and the device.
  • Water Damage: Exposure to moisture or liquids can damage the internal components of the iPhone, including the screen. Water damage can cause various issues, including screen malfunctions.

Regardless of the issues your iPhone screen is currently facing, we are sure that you always want to find effective and quality repair solutions that also fit within your budget. Understanding these needs, Phone Repair Centre is committed to providing customers with services that ensure both quality and suitable iPhone screen repair costs. When choosing the Phone Repair Centre, you can rest assured that your iPhone will be repaired meticulously and with great care.

We are Certified Apple Independent Repair Provider

Staffed by Apple-certified technicians, our team specializes in a variety of MacBook and iMac repairs, from replacing LCD screens to repairing water-damaged motherboards. If Apple has previously declared your device beyond repair, we invite you to experience our services, where you may be pleasantly surprised by our capabilities. Ensuring that all repairs are performed by certified Apple technicians is not only our pledge but also a mandatory requirement for us to be recognized as an Independent Repair Provider (IRP) by Apple.e.