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Galaxy S20 Plus Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Screen Repair

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus—a tech marvel with powerful performance and a stellar camera. In the fast-paced mobile world, screen damage happens, but we’ve got you covered with specialized repair services exclusively for the S20 Plus. Explore our efficient solutions to keep your device in top-notch condition.

Screen Replacement (Glass Screen) $350.00
Screen Replacement (Glass Screen + LCD) $385.00
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Samsung Galaxy s20 Plus

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Fast, friendly, and my Samsung screen is as good as new. Thanks Phone Repair Center!

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Cara Tran

Samsung Galaxy s20 Plus

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I was so worried about my cracked S20+ screen, but Phone Repair Center made it easy and stress-free. Looks perfect!

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Samsung Galaxy s20 Plus

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Phone Repair Center sorted my smashed S20+ screen in no time. Top-notch service, would definitely use them again.

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Samsung Galaxy s20 Plus

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Reasonably priced and they know their stuff. Phone Repair Center is my go-to for Samsung repairs.

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No matter your device, our experts can help you get back up and running fast. Check out the device we service to learn more about our device repairs.

Several factors impact the price of a Samsung S20 Plus screen replacement:

Repair Provider:

  • Samsung: Expect the highest prices for official Samsung repairs.
  • Authorized Third-Party Shops: These often offer competitive pricing and use high-quality parts.
  • Independent Shops Can be more affordable, but research their reputation and experience with Samsung devices.

Extent of Damage: If the entire display assembly needs replacement (not just the glass), the cost will be higher.

It’s important to understand how Samsung screens function:

  • Integrated Assembly: The glass, touch sensors, and display panel are fused into a single unit.
  • Replacement Often Means Full Display: Even with only a cracked glass, technicians often replace the entire display for ensured functionality.

Welcome to Phone Repair Centre – Your Go-To for Samsung Screen Repairs! At PRC, we’re your trusted choice for top-notch Samsung S20 Plus screen repairs. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Quality Parts: We use premium components for lasting performance.
  • Problem Solvers: From flickering to discoloration, we tackle various screen issues.
  • Free Diagnostics: We offer complimentary diagnostics for all phone and iPad repairs.
  • No Fix, No Fee: If we can’t repair your device, you won’t be charged.
  • Low Price Guarantee: Our pricing is competitive, and we match lower costs.
  • Quick Repairs: Expert technicians complete onsite repairs in just 30 minutes.

Lifetime Warranty: Our quality-tested parts come with a lifetime warranty.

The cost of screen repair echoes the factors mentioned above. Here’s a general idea:

  • Official Samsung: Prices may vary based on location, but expect to pay a premium for genuine parts and service through Samsung.
  • Third-Party Providers: Costs can be more competitive depending on the shop and the quality of parts used.

Absolutely!  Samsung S20 Plus screens are repairable by skilled technicians. However, due to the complexity of the device, it’s highly advisable to choose a professional service specializing in Samsung repairs.

What Does The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Screen Repair Service Include?

Got screen issues with your Samsung S20 Plus? Phone Repair Centre has your back! From fixing cracks to resolving touchscreen glitches, freezing/lagging, and ghost touches, our reliable and budget-friendly services will have your device back in top shape. Let’s go through our services in this domain!

    1. Cracked/Shattered Screen Repair: Fixing physical damage like cracks or shattered glass on your screen.
    2. Touchscreen Unresponsiveness: Restoring your touchscreen to register touch inputs promptly and consistently.
    3. Freezing/Lagging Resolution: Eliminating delays and unresponsiveness, making your device as snappy as ever.
    4. Ghost Touch Correction: Banishing those spooky ghost touches that make your phone act independently.

At Phone Repair Centre, we understand the issues that can arise with Samsung S20 Plus. Our dedication to providing reliable and cost-effective repair services guarantees that your phone will be restored to its optimal condition, resolving any bothersome issues you may be facing.

We are Certified Apple Independent Repair Provider

Staffed by Apple-certified technicians, our team specializes in a variety of MacBook and iMac repairs, from replacing LCD screens to repairing water-damaged motherboards. If Apple has previously declared your device beyond repair, we invite you to experience our services, where you may be pleasantly surprised by our capabilities. Ensuring that all repairs are performed by certified Apple technicians is not only our pledge but also a mandatory requirement for us to be recognized as an Independent Repair Provider (IRP) by Apple.e.