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iPhone 11 Screen Repair

iPhone 11 Screen Repair

iPhone 11 – a powerful and sleek device known for its impressive dual-camera system, vibrant display, and top-notch performance. Explore our screen repair services to keep your iPhone 11 in perfect condition.

Screen Replacement - Premium Aftermarket $120.00
Screen Replacement - OEM / Refurbished $165.00
Screen Replacement - Genuine Apple $350.00
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Great value for money and friendly staff. Phone Repair Center is my new go-to for phone issues

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Sophie Lucas

iPhone 11

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Phone Repair Center got my phone working again after some water damage. Top service!

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Dropped my iPhone 11, and the screen was ruined. Phone Repair Center sorted it out, no worries.

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Phone Repair Center fixed my cracked iPhone 11 screen super quickly - highly recommend!

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No matter your device, our experts can help you get back up and running fast. Check out the device we service to learn more about our device repairs.

Several factors impact the price of an iPhone XS screen replacement:

Repair Provider:

  • Apple: Expect Apple’s services to be the most expensive, but you’re guaranteed genuine parts and qualified technicians.
  • Authorized Third-Party Shops: These offer competitive prices while using high-quality replacements.
  • Independent Repair Shops: Prices can be lower, but always prioritize shops with excellent reviews and a proven track record.

OLED Display: The iPhone XS has an OLED display, which is generally more expensive to repair than older LCD screen technology.

Consider these points to make your decision:

  • Damage Severity: Minor cracks might be tolerable, but extensive damage or unresponsive touch will heavily impact use.
  • Device Value: Compare repair costs to the current value of your iPhone 11. If the repair is close to the phone’s current value, an upgrade may be a wiser choice.
  • Personal Preference: How bothersome is the damage? Some users prefer flawless screens, while others can manage minor imperfections.

Since 2007, Phone Repair Centre has established itself as a leading electronics repair specialist, particularly excelling in mobile phone repairs. Our Apple-certified technicians expertly handle Apple and Samsung replacements, even addressing complex issues like water damage. We prioritize customer satisfaction by using original and OEM parts from reputable Australian suppliers for reliable, high-quality repairs. Choose Phone Repair Centre for your iPhone screen repairs and benefit from Apple-certified expertise, a 12-month warranty for peace of mind, competitive pricing, and years of experience in repairing phones, game consoles, computers, and tablets. We are recognized for our commitment to excellence and consistently prioritize customer satisfaction. Our use of quality components and participation in programs granting access to genuine Apple resources further ensure exceptional repair solutions.

I believe you meant to ask, “How much does it cost to replace the screen on an iPhone 11?” Here’s the breakdown:

  • DIY Kits: Replacement kits vary in quality and price, but typically range from $25-$60 USD. Keep in mind, self-repair carries risks for those inexperienced.
  • Professional Repair: The cost includes the screen itself and the skilled labor for the fix. Prices vary depending on the service provider you choose.

IPhone 11 screen repair costs in Australia fluctuate based on the same factors as elsewhere. Here’s a general guideline:

  • Apple: Repairs generally start upwards of $300 AUD.
  • Third-Party Providers: Prices can be found in the $150-$250 AUD range depending on the specific shop and parts quality.

For a clearer understanding of the warranty policy when repairing your iPhone 11 screen, please see the details here

What Problems With An IPhone 11 Screen May Require Repair?

A cracked screen or touchscreen malfunctions can seriously disrupt your iPhone 11 experience. Here are some common issues that might indicate a need for professional repair:

    1. Unresponsive Touchscreen: If the touchscreen is slow, works only in certain areas, or doesn’t respond at all, there could be underlying damage.
    2. Display Problems: Flickering, lines, dead pixels, discoloration, or a totally black screen might signify a faulty display component.
    3. Water Damage: If your iPhone 11 gets wet, immediate action is crucial. Water can damage the screen and other components.
    4. Scratches and Cracks: While mainly cosmetic, deep scratches or cracks can compromise the screen’s integrity and worsen over time.

At Phone Repair Centre, we offer cost-effective repair services tailored for the iPhone 11. With a focus on robust warranty coverage and exceptional customer service, we ensure a seamless resolution to common issues, allowing you to quickly resume your digital activities.

We are Certified Apple Independent Repair Provider

Staffed by Apple-certified technicians, our team specializes in a variety of MacBook and iMac repairs, from replacing LCD screens to repairing water-damaged motherboards. If Apple has previously declared your device beyond repair, we invite you to experience our services, where you may be pleasantly surprised by our capabilities. Ensuring that all repairs are performed by certified Apple technicians is not only our pledge but also a mandatory requirement for us to be recognized as an Independent Repair Provider (IRP) by Apple.e.