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Google Pixel 7 Pro Screen Repair

Google Pixel 7 Pro Screen Repair

Up to now, Google Pixel 7 Pro has been claimed to be Google’s best-of-everything phone. This model features the powerful Google Tensor G2 for enhanced speed and security. Boasting an immersive display and impressive battery life, it incorporates the best Pixel camera to date, complete with a telephoto lens and professional-level capabilities such as Macro Focus.

Moreover, the Pixel 7 Pro emphasizes its display as a key selling feature, catering to the preferences of contemporary phone users who appreciate larger screens. Sporting a 6.7-inch OLED panel with a high resolution of 3,210 by 1,440 pixels, it achieves an impressive pixel density of 512ppi. However, like many other smartphones, this model also runs into some problems with the screen that make owners have it repaired.

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Several factors impact the price of a Pixel 7 Pro screen replacement:

  • Repair Provider:
    • Google/Authorized Repair Centers: Expect these repairs to be the most expensive, but you’re guaranteed genuine parts and qualified technicians.
    • Third-Party Repair Shops: These shops often offer more competitive pricing, but it’s crucial to choose one with a good reputation and experience in repairing Pixel devices.
  • Extent of Damage: Minor cracks might be less expensive to fix than a replacement of the entire display assembly.

Here’s a breakdown of where you might find replacement screens and their associated costs:

  • DIY Replacement Kits: Online retailers sell kits with varying price points depending on quality. Be aware that attempting a DIY screen replacement carries risks.
  • Professional Repair Costs: The price quoted by a repair shop will include both the replacement screen and the labor for installation.

Yes, Pixel 7 Pro screens can be replaced. However, due to the complexity of modern smartphone design, it’s highly advisable to seek professional repair services for the best results.

The cost of fixing a Google Pixel screen varies depending on these factors:

  • The Pixel Model: Newer models with more advanced screen technology will generally cost more to repair.
  • Repair Provider: (See explanations above regarding different providers)
  • Extent of the Damage: Simple glass repairs might be less expensive than a full display unit replacement.

What Does The Google Pixel 7 Pro Screen Repair Service Include?

There are various issues likely happening to Google Pixel 7 Pro screen, Phone Repair Centre will list some most common ones below:

1. Screen Replacement: 

  • In-depth replacement service addressing various degrees of screen damage, including shattered, cracked, or broken screens. Utilizes genuine replacement screens to restore optimal visual clarity and touchscreen functionality.

2. Display Flickering Issues:

  • Thorough diagnostic analysis and repair of display flickering problems caused by issues such as faulty display connectors, driver problems, or malfunctioning internal components.

3. Ghost Touch Repair:

  • Advanced troubleshooting and repair service targeting erratic screen behavior. This service involves identifying and replacing malfunctioning touch sensors, recalibrating touch settings, or addressing issues related to interference.

4. LCD Backlight Repair:

  • This smartphone screen repair service focuses on issues affecting the LCD backlight, including dim or uneven illumination. The technicians will assess and replace components responsible for backlight functionality.