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Galaxy S21 Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy S21 Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy S21 was officially released in January 2021. Powered by the Exynos 2100 or Snapdragon 888 chipset (depending on the region), the S21 offers impressive performance and a range of advanced features, including a versatile triple-camera system and 8K video recording. Furthermore, it features a stunning 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, delivering vibrant colors and sharp visuals.

However, similar to other Samsung models, this screen is stated to be a disadvantage of this smartphone because it easily runs into negative issues that users need to have technicians repair. They may be physical damage or functionality problems.

Screen Replacement (Glass Screen) $320.00
Screen Replacement (Glass Screen + LCD) $350.00
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Samsung Galaxy S21

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My cracked Galaxy screen was driving me crazy. Repair Store fixed it fast, no more headaches!

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Samsung Galaxy S21

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Dropped my phone, screen went black. Repair Store had it working again in a few hours.

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Samsung Galaxy S21

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Needed my Samsung fixed before a work trip – they were so quick and saved the day.

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Samsung Galaxy S21

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Best part? They offer same-day service – perfect for when you break your phone at the WORST time!

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No matter your device, our experts can help you get back up and running fast. Check out the device we service to learn more about our device repairs.

Yes! Phone Repair Centre specializes in Samsung screen repairs, including the S21. Our experienced technicians use top-quality parts to restore your device to its original condition.

The only reliable solution for a cracked S21 screen is professional replacement. We’ll carefully assess the damage and provide a fast, effective repair at Phone Repair Centre.

It depends on several factors. Our experts at Phone Repair Centre can help you assess the damage and weigh the repair cost against the value of your device. We help you make an informed decision.

Samsung uses advanced OLED technology in their displays, which is more expensive to manufacture than older LCD screens. Additionally, original Samsung parts and skilled labor contribute to repair costs.

Typically, Samsung only replaces cracked screens for free if the damage is due to a manufacturing defect within the warranty period. Accidental damage usually incurs a repair cost.

The cost varies depending on the Galaxy model. Contact Phone Repair Centre for a free and accurate quote for your specific device. We offer competitive pricing and transparent estimates.

What does the Samsung Galaxy S21 screen repair service include?

Repair centers can provide customers with many different screen repair services. Moreover, they sometimes vary due to the center you choose. Here is a list of common services for Samsung Galaxy S21 screen repair:

Touchscreen Repair:

  • When the touchscreen of your Samsung Galaxy S21 becomes unresponsive or exhibits erratic behavior, technicians may carry touchscreen repair. They diagnose and address issues with the touch-sensitive layer, ensuring that users can interact seamlessly with their Samsung Galaxy S21.

Water Damage Repair:

  • Water or liquid damage can have detrimental effects on a smartphone’s screen. Water damage repair services include a thorough inspection, cleaning, and, if necessary, replacement of damaged components to restore the Samsung Galaxy S21’s screen functionality.

Backlight Repair:

  • Problems with the backlight can impact screen brightness and visibility. In case your phone runs into a backlight problem, the technicians will identify and rectify issues with the backlight system, ensuring consistent and appropriate illumination across the Samsung Galaxy S21 screen.

Screen Replacement:

  • This particular service encompasses the thorough removal and substitution of a cracked or impaired screen on the Samsung Galaxy S21. Skilled technicians meticulously dismantle the device, detach the defective screen, and install a new, operational display, ensuring the restoration of optimal visual performance.