Lifetime Warranty & Repair Terms

Experience 100% satisfaction and absolute confidence with our unparalleled LIFETIME GUARANTEE. We not only fix your phone; we take care of you. With this commitment, we ensure:

  • Quality Assurance: Our LIFETIME GUARANTEE covers repairs against defects or malfunctions of the replaced part and guarantees the quality of our workmanship for as long as you own your device.
  • Premium Parts: Exclusively fitting PREMIUM quality parts with our LIFETIME GUARANTEE ensures lasting durability. Our aftermarket screen stands out as the highest-quality option available in the market
  • Aftercare Excellence: Our industry-leading aftercare ensures your continued satisfaction, offering support if any issues arise post-repair.

Designed for complete peace of mind, trust with your mobile phone repair under our LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Warranty Conditions

In fairness, our LIFETIME GUARANTEE covers our workmanship and the failure/malfunction of the replaced or repaired component. However, it expressly does not cover:

  • Liquid damaged devices.
  • Mistreated, dropped, or any subsequent damage to your device, including a cracked, smashed, or badly scratched screen/LCD.
  • Issues relating to the device’s motherboard or any other underlying issues.
  • Issues unrelated to the original repair.
  • Additional faults that develop after the original repair.
  • Devices opened after our repair.
  • Any software-related issues.
  • Loss of data (please backup your data prior to repair).
  • Battery wear and tear and capacity depletion over time.

It is limited by the following:

  • ‘Lifetime guarantee’ means for as long as the original customer owns the device.
  • Non-transferable. If the original customer sells or gifts the device to someone else, the lifetime guarantee will end.

Repair Terms :

  • Devices left for inspection and/or repair remain the property of Repair Centre Victoria until all outstanding payments are received.
  • Repair time frames are estimated, and unforeseen circumstances may affect them. Repair Centre Victoria will inform customers of any delays.
  • Liquid-damaged phones have a 14-day warranty on the specific component fixed/replaced, with no warranty for additional components’ failure.
  • Repair Centre Victoria is not responsible for the loss of user software settings and data during assessment, diagnosis, and repair.
  • The warranty is void if Repair Centre Victoria’s label is tampered with, any other party attempts repairs, or if the phone has been physically/liquid damaged.
  • Screen or LCD replacement voids the warranty if broken/cracked upon return.
  • We do not guarantee water resistance/waterproofing after repairs, even for phones advertised as such.
  • Customers authorize the movement of devices to other stores for optimal repairs.
  • Labour charges may apply for cancellations or reversals after repair confirmation.
  • Unlocking services have no warranty except for the assurance of successful unlocking.
  • Devices left for more than 30 days with outstanding payments become the property of Repair Centre Victoria.
  • A pickup card or receipt is necessary for device return.
  • Physical damage to devices post-repair is not covered under warranty.

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For further clarity or information, consult our technicians before leaving your device with us. Your information will be retained in our system, and we may contact you for further assessment or sales-related purposes.