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iPhone XS Max Screen Repair

iPhone XS Max Screen Repair

The iPhone Xs Max was released in September 2018 as part of Apple’s flagship lineup for that year. As the largest iPhone model available, it sports a massive 6.5-inch Super Retina display with a resolution of 2688×1242. Powered by the fastest A12 Bionic chip, the XS Max delivers industry-leading performance for challenging tasks like video editing, gaming, and photography.

Screen Replacement - Premium Aftermarket $115.00
Screen Replacement - OEM / Refurbished $265.00
Screen Replacement - Genuine Apple $530.00
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iPhone XS Max

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Phone Repair Center saved me from buying a new phone! Cracked screen fixed perfectly.

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iPhone XS Max

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Phone Repair Center saved me from buying a new phone! Cracked screen fixed perfectly.

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iPhone XS Max

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Phone Repair Center had the best price and did a top-notch job on my XS Max screen.

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Sophie Lucas

iPhone XS Max

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Dropped my phone and shattered the screen. Phone Repair Center fixed it up like new

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No matter your device, our experts can help you get back up and running fast. Check out the device we service to learn more about our device repairs.

The cost of an iPhone XS Max screen replacement depends on a few factors:

Chosen Repair Provider:

  • Apple: Apple’s official repairs tend to come with the highest price tag.
  • Authorized Third-Party Shops: These often provide more competitive prices while using quality parts.
  • Independent Shops: These can have the most affordable options, but make sure the shop has good reviews and experience with iPhone repairs.

Type of Screen Technology: The iPhone XS Max uses an OLED display, which is generally more expensive to repair or replace than older LCD screen types.

The price of the screen itself depends on whether you’re buying a DIY kit or going through a professional repair service.

  • DIY: (See above note on DIY kit pricing)
  • Professional Service: The part price will be factored into the overall repair cost, which varies based on the selected repair provider.

Phone Repair Centre is a leading Australian electronics repair company with over 15 years of experience and award-winning customer service. We specialize in iPhone repairs, using Apple-certified technicians, genuine Apple parts, and offer a 12-month warranty. Choose us for your iPhone screen repairs because our technicians are rigorously trained by Apple, we use only authentic components, and possess in-depth knowledge of Apple products. We also prioritize environmentally responsible procedures and friendly customer service. Phone Repair Centre is the ideal choice for reliable iPhone screen repairs, offering Apple-grade parts, certified expertise, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule your repair and experience the difference yourself.

Here’s a breakdown of costs depending on your approach:

  • DIY Kits: You can find replacement screen kits online. These range in price based on quality, but expect to pay anywhere from $50 (USD) and upwards. Be aware of the risks and challenges of DIY repairs.
  • Professional Repair Cost: This includes the cost of the new screen itself and the service fee for a technician to install it. The price will vary depending on your chosen service provider.

Yes, iPhone XS Max screens can be fixed. Whether it’s a simple crack or a completely unresponsive screen, a professional repair service can effectively address the problem.

For a clearer understanding of the warranty policy when repairing your iPhone XS Max screen, please see the details here

What Problems With An iPhone XS Max Screen May Require Repair?

The iPhone Xs Max is a popular smartphone, but like any electronic device, it can experience issues that require repair services. Common problems with iPhone screens include cracks, scratches, broken glass, or unresponsive touch. A damaged screen can negatively impact the usability and enjoyment of the phone. Here are some problems related to the screen:

  • Scratches: Everyday wear and tear can lead to surface scratches, affecting the visual clarity and overall visual appeal of your phone.
  • Cracks and Shattering: Drops, impacts, or excessive pressure can damage the glass, causing cracks that can compromise the screen’s structural integrity and affect functionality.
  • Discoloration or Dead Pixels: Over time or due to hardware malfunctions, certain areas of the screen may display incorrect colors, or individual pixels may fail to light up, leading to discoloration or visible ‘dead’ pixels.
  • Touchscreen Unresponsiveness: Software issues or damaged hardware can cause the touchscreen to become completely unresponsive or unresponsive in certain sections, rendering the iPhone difficult or impossible to use..
  • Screen Flickering: Faulty connections, software glitches, or hardware defects can cause the screen to flicker intermittently, significantly disrupting the user’s interaction with the device.
  • Ghost Touch: The screen may register phantom touches that you aren’t making, causing apps to open unexpectedly or interfering with your intended actions. This can be caused by physical damage, liquid intrusion, or other factors.
  • OLED Burn-in: The iPhone XS Max features an OLED screen, which is susceptible to burn-in if static images are displayed for extended periods. This can leave a faint “ghost” of that image visible even when other content is displayed.
  • 3D Touch Issues: 3D Touch allows you to use pressure on the screen for additional actions. Damage or software issues can cause it to malfunction, working unpredictably or not responding at all.

At Phone Repair Centre (PRC), we offer iPhone screen repair services to help with some of the issues owners may encounter. Our trained technicians can replace cracked or malfunctioning screens to restore the iPhone to proper working order. As an authorized service provider, we use genuine Apple parts and rigorously test all repairs to ensure quality and reliability meet Apple’s high standards. A quick screen repair may prevent the need for a more costly device upgrade or replacement. Getting your iPhone back in good condition allows you to continue enjoying this investment.

We are Certified Apple Independent Repair Provider

Staffed by Apple-certified technicians, our team specializes in a variety of MacBook and iMac repairs, from replacing LCD screens to repairing water-damaged motherboards. If Apple has previously declared your device beyond repair, we invite you to experience our services, where you may be pleasantly surprised by our capabilities. Ensuring that all repairs are performed by certified Apple technicians is not only our pledge but also a mandatory requirement for us to be recognized as an Independent Repair Provider (IRP) by Apple.e.