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Google Pixel phones are renowned for their cutting-edge software, superior photography capabilities, and the latest Android features directly from Google. Despite their many strengths, Pixel devices are not immune to screen-related problems such as cracks from drops or impacts, touchscreen unresponsiveness, or issues with display discoloration and burn-in. These screen issues can significantly hamper the user experience, and Google Pixel screen repair cost may be expensive and intricate.

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Google Pixel Screen Repair

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Google Pixel 4 XL

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Excellent service, they explained everything clearly and my phone's working great again. Highly recommend!

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Google Pixel 3

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Affordable prices and quality work – Phone Repair Center is my go-to for phone problems.

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Google Pixel 4

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Top-notch service! Phone Repair Center sorted my busted Pixel screen in a flash.

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Google Pixel 5A

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No fuss, just a quick, reliable fix for my Pixel. Cheers, Phone Repair Center!

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No matter your device, our experts can help you get back up and running fast. Check out the device we service to learn more about our device repairs.

Costs vary depending on the model, repair provider, and whether you use genuine Google parts or third-party alternatives:

  • Official Google Repair Service: Typically the most expensive option, especially for newer models.
    • Pixel 7: Around $299 AUD
    • Pixel 7 Pro: Around $379 AUD
  • Independent Repair Shops: Often significantly cheaper than Google’s service.
    • Pixel 7: Can range from $180-$250 AUD
    • Pixel 7 Pro: Can range from $220-$300 AUD

Google Warranty: Usually doesn’t cover accidental damage like cracked screens.
Phone Insurance: Check your specific policy. Some providers cover screen damage, but there might be an excess fee.

Vague Warranty: Be cautious of shops offering very short or no warranty on the repair.
Pressure Tactics: Avoid shops that pressure you into immediate repairs or use scare tactics about data loss.
Lack of Transparency: A reputable shop will explain the repair process, parts used, and associated costs upfront.
Poor Reviews: Check online reviews and ratings before choosing a repair service.

  • Obvious Signs:
    • Cracks or shattered screen
    • Deep scratches
    • Missing chunks of glass
  • Functional Issues:
    • Unresponsive touchscreen
    • Dead pixels (black or colored dots)
    • Discoloration or lines
    • Display malfunction (flickering, turning on/off)


  • Minor: Small cracks, few dead pixels. Tolerable but monitor for worsening.
  • Moderate: Larger cracks, discoloration, unresponsive areas. Consider repair.
  • Severe: Shattered glass, complete unresponsiveness, major display issues. Immediate repair needed.

Official Google Repair: Can take 5-7 business days or longer, including shipping time. Expedited options might be available for an additional fee.
Independent Repair: Often faster, some offer same-day repairs, especially if using third-party parts.

  • Similar to Other Brands: The basic process of replacing a screen is similar across brands, but Pixels have some unique design aspects.
  • Considerations:
    • Water Resistance: Ensure the repair shop is experienced in maintaining the phone’s water resistance.
    • Fingerprint Sensor: Pixel models with in-screen fingerprint sensors require careful calibration after screen replacement.

What problems with an Google Pixel screen may require repair?

The Google Pixel phone still faces some problems with its screen despite acquiring top-notch technologies. A replacement screen may be required because of the following issues:

  • Cracked or Shattered Screen: This is perhaps the most immediate and visually apparent damage, resulting from drops or impacts. A broken screen can severely affect the usability of the phone and may even pose a risk of injury to the user.
  • Display Distortions: Users might experience unusual lines, colors, or parts of the screen not functioning correctly. These issues often indicate internal hardware problems, such as damage to the display panel or issues with the phone’s internal connections.
  • Touch Sensitivity Issues: Problems with touch sensitivity, including unresponsive areas or the screen failing to register touch inputs accurately, can be particularly frustrating. These issues may stem from a faulty digitizer, software glitches, or physical damage to the screen.
  • Water Damage: While some Pixel models are water-resistant, exposure to liquids can still cause significant damage, leading to screen discoloration, malfunction, or complete failure.

The Phone Repair Centre specializes in Google Pixel screen repair, addressing a range of issues from cracks and lack of response to color distortion. With skilled technicians, we offer effective and dependable fixes. No matter if it’s a small scratch or a fully broken screen, the Centre guarantees that every Google Pixel phone is brought back to its best performance, utilizing high-quality components and equipment for durable repairs.