How Long It Takes to Repair iPhone Screen? All You Need to Know

When you own an iPhone with a broken screen and it affects your need to use the phone for work as well as entertainment, you will urgently want to fix it immediately. However, you may be hesitating because of not having enough information about your screen’s repair time. If that is also what you are wondering, the details below will show you the answer “how long does an iPhone screen repair take?” , including what influences your repair time, pros and cons when you have your phone fixed at Apple repair center, third-party store or at home and what you will have to prepare before the repair.

Factor Influencing Repair Time

Type of Damage

The type of damage can greatly affect the repair time of an iPhone screen. Let me give you an example. If you only break the glass without affecting the LCD, the glass can be replaced in just 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the entire front panel assembly can be replaced in about an hour, which is a matter of replacing the battery and motherboard. Some other, more difficult handsets may take longer to replace.

broken phone screen
Broken Phone Screen

Repair Options

For an iPhone screen that needs repair, you may have different options such as making an appointment directly at an Apple Store, mail-in services or using services at a third-party repair shop. If you want to go to an Apple Store, it usually takes about 1 hour to replace a broken screen. When it comes to mail-in repair turnaround time, it will take about 3-5 business days because it also includes shipping time. As for third party repair shops, it will take you less time to receive a perfect phone. Most engineers take an average of about 45 minutes to repair iPhone screen-related problems.

Location and Availability

Obviously, when you are far away from an electrical repair shop, it will take more time to travel back and forth between locations regardless of whether you visit in person or simply call. Yours will be repaired via express delivery. Availability is also an issue that needs attention. If the parts at the store are temporarily out of stock and you have to wait for orders or the store has too many orders, your order may be pushed down and you will have to travel more or waste a lot of time. than to get your repaired phone back.

Apple’s Official Repair Process

If you want to repair directly at an Apple Store or at an Apple Authorized Service Provider, you need to make an appointment with the engineers here. The fastest way is to search Apple Authorized Service Provider websites and make an appointment via text message. Or if you go to an Apple Store, you need to go to the website and make an appointment at the Genius Bar.

Typically, a phone repair at Apple for screen-related issues usually doesn’t take long and you can get your phone back within the same business day. For mail-in repair, that time depends on how far or near you are from the repair shop. Apple Store is now offering Express Replacement Service, you can get a replacement device, Apple store will pick up your device, repair it and return it within 10 business days.

If you are still wondering how to do it at the Apple Store or at the Apple Authorized Service Provider, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Backup your iOS device and have your Apple ID password ready.
  • Step 2: Search for the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider nearest you, make an appointment with repair engineers, or have your device mailed.
  • Step 3: Submit or voice a repair request that outlines the problems you’re having with your phone.
  • Step 4: Engineers will examine the problem with your device and tell you whether the problem is covered by the company’s warranty policy or how much it will cost you to fix the problem.
  • Step 5: Once consensus is reached, engineers begin repairing your device.
  • Step 6: Once the repair is completed, the device will be inspected to see if there are any problems with the part that was just repaired or replaced. Engineers will also check everything to make sure there are no errors.
  • Step 7: Your device will be sanitized and you will receive it back.
apple official repair process
Phone Repair at Apple Store

Third-party Repair Services

Another option that many people are interested in recently is taking their iPhone to Third-party Repair Shops because of the convenience when it comes to time, cost and location.

However, you also need to be careful when choosing a place to repair your iPhone. Choose locations with a good reputation in the market, this is shown by the store’s operating hours, number of branches and loyal customers. Next, you need to know whether they use Apple-certified technicians or not, and whether the origin of the components is transparently declared in the costs. If you can’t find any information regarding this, it may be a red flag to avoid.

If you are wondering about a reputable place to repair your phone, Phone Repair Center may be a place worth considering. With branches in Frankston, Springvale, Somerville, Brighton and most recently Windsor, Phone Repair Center can confidently provide you with repair services in just 30 minutes to 2 hours – of the shortest that a repair center in the market can offer. Besides, Phone Repair Center should be your go-to place to get your phone fixed because we can supply services from Apple-certified technician, flexible sources of replacement parts. The price may differ from issue to issue but we can assure that the most reasonable price is given.

phone repair centre brighton
Phone Repair Center store in Brighton

Normally, repair time at Third-party Repair Centers will be shorter than repair time at Apple Stores. There are a few reasons for this problem.

  • First, repair times at Apple Stores are calculated in business days, which means that if you have a repair order, you have to wait around the holidays for the repair to be carried out. .
  • Second, repair time at Third-party Shops can be shortened by the flexibility in choosing replacement parts, helping you minimize the time it takes to order genuine parts when you run out of parts in the market.
  • And the final reason is that Repair Shops can be found anywhere, which significantly reduces the time it takes for your device to get to the store.

DIY Repair Considerations

Recently, many people have chosen to repair their phone screens right at home with the help of repair kits. While this is a quick way to solve the problem, this option can bring many risks to your device, including:

  • Your phone will no longer be eligible for warranty from the company. When you disassemble your iPhone to repair it yourself, Apple will not know whether that part was damaged before or because of your destruction, so it will not be able to warranty your phone and you will have to pay a repair fee. .
  • Another possibility is that your touchscreen will no longer work. This could be caused by frayed wires or dirt in the phone when you opened it for repair.
  • When you try to repair it yourself, you could accidentally damage another part of your phone. So your repair has led to many other problems that may cost more to fix.

If you still want to challenge yourself with repairing your phone screen yourself, you can refer to repair kits and instructional videos on Youtube. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find Kits on e-commerce sites and instructional videos because of increased demand. However, you should carefully consider the above risks, especially when it concerns warranty issues.

DIY repair kit
DIY screen repair kit

Preparing for Repair

It can be considered that you have chosen the form and place to repair your phone. However, don’t rush to bring your phone straight to the store. Before that, please take the following notes:

  • Sync your data to another device.
  • Remove screen lock password.
  • Enable passwords for private applications such as social networks and Gmail.
  • Lock applications on your phone

To get by while your phone is being fixed, log in to other devices like your iPad, laptop, or use a spare phone.


How long does it take Apple to replace a screen?

  • Apple Store: Repairs can often be done same-day, especially if you have an appointment.
  • Mail-in Repair: Takes longer, usually several days depending on shipping times and their workload.
  • Check availability: Always check Apple’s support website or contact your local store for the most accurate wait times.

How long does it take to fix a damaged screen?

  • Professionals (Apple or Reputable Shops): Often within a few hours or the same day.
  • DIY: Depends on your skill level and if you encounter complications. Can take significantly longer without experience.

Is it worth it to fix an iPhone screen?

Consider these factors:

  • Device Age & Value: If your iPhone is very old, the repair cost might be a significant percentage of its current value.
  • Damage Severity: Minor cracks vs. functionality issues will influence the decision.
  • Personal Need: If you can’t tolerate screen damage, repair is likely worth it.

Is it easy to fix a broken iPhone screen?

  • Not for beginners: Modern iPhones are complex to disassemble. DIY repairs carry a risk of further damage without technical skills and the right tools.
  • Third-Party Shops: Skilled technicians at reputable repair shops make this process much easier (and safer) for you.


To give a suitable answer to the question of “how long does an iPhone screen repair take?”, we must consider the type and extent of damage to the device, options for repair locations and the range How far from where you are to the repair center? And most importantly, you need to accurately grasp your needs, thereby choosing the appropriate repair facility. Choosing a combination of time, cost and service quality will be the best choice for you!

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