iPhone: 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave Your iPhone in the Sun

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There are times when we forget to take our iPhones with us and left them sitting in the car or on the table under the burning sun. If left the phones under the sun for too long, they will eventually overheat. Devices such as iPhones can in turn malfunction under too much sun or heat. It can also affect your iPhone’s performance, battery life, charging issues, and data loss. Apple recommended using iOS devices like iPhone in the ambient temperature between 0º and 35ºC (32º to 95ºF) and that any lower or higher will affect the performance temporarily or permanently. Read on to see the reasons why you should never leave your iPhone in the sun!


1. The touchscreen will stop responding 

Since iPhones are made of metal and glass, leaving your iPhone out in the sun for too long can gradually damage the touchscreen. Materials like metal and glass are quick to absorb heat and the heat will be trapped if you have an iPhone case on. When the glass screen overheats, you may experience the touchscreen having small glitches or being completely unresponsive. If it gets to the point where it stops responding, make sure to do all the steps to cool your iPhone down


 2. Total shut down 

The iPhone will shut down when the temperature goes beyond 35ºC (95ºF). Usually, a warning message will come up telling you that it is overheating, make sure to move your iPhone away from the heat before it shuts down itself. 


 3. iPhone battery degrades 

Direct sun and heat are bad for batteries as they are designed to operate at room temperature. Excessive heat can shorten the lifetime of the battery and cause the battery to dry out. And as the iPhone’s batteries degrade, it would affect iPhone’s overall performance such as lagging or charging issues. It is important to understand how batteries can negatively impact the overall performance of your iPhone. 


 4. Losing data on your iPhone 

If shortening your iPhone’s lifespan does not scare you enough then perhaps the thought of losing data on your iPhone would. It can be a challenge to recover lost or deleted files on your iPhone. Thus, exposing your iPhone to the sun can lead to data loss or even damage your files.


 5. Battery leaks or catches fire 

While it is uncommon, it is still possible that your iPhone’s battery starts to leak or catch fire if you leave it under the sun for a long period of time. You should also watch out for the phone cases that don’t allow much airflow and trap the heat inside the phone cases. If it does not cool down and continues to overheat, it may cause your iPhone to catch on fire. 



If any of the above incidents happen or you are experiencing other problems with your iPhone because you left it out in the sun, it may be a good idea to have a professional help you fix them. At Repair Centre, our professional and friendly technicians can provide you with the best services for your iPhone if it has experienced internal damage. Feel free to contact us and come to visit us today!


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