“This accessory may not be supported” issue and how to solve it

This accessory may not be supported

While using iPhone, you will sometimes encounter the message that “This accessory may not be supported” when charging the phone. Therefore, in this post, I will state the reason why this situation occurs and to also guide you on how to fix this iPhone charging issue.

The main reasons for “This accessory may not be support” issue:

There are quite a few reasons iPhone displays that the accessory is not supported. But mainly because the accessory was not MFi – certified. So what is an MFi certificate? Specifically, MFi is an acronym for Made For iPhone / iPad / iPod, which is considered a certificate issued by Apple to ensure the safety and quality of accessory products manufactured from 3rd party manufacturers. Other brand accessories, which are not from Apple but have MFi certificates, have been strictly censored to be 100% compatible with Apple devices. But not every accessory for Apple products without an MFi certificate is of poor quality. Currently, there are many accessories in various segmentations of quality on the market, if you do not know how to test the product, just find it cheap to buy, there is a high probability of buying poor quality goods, not MFi certified. When trying to connect to iPhone, iPad,… you will be notified of unsupported accessories.

The second reason why this accessory may not be supported may because the ports to connect peripherals on your device are very dirty, dusty, or something has got inside of them. Therefore, you need to clean the machine again.

This accessory may not be supported

An older version of the software will also be one of the reasons why peripheral device connections are not recognized. For example, you plug in lightning port headphones for the iPhone 6 series but do not receive them. That’s because, your software version is old, it is necessary to update iOS 10 or later to use it.

Efficient and quick ways to solve the issue:

Based on the above reasons, we will guide you on how to fix the iPhone charging issue “This accessory may not be supported” right below.

As mentioned above, the first reason may be that you buy poor quality accessories, not MFi certified. If you think you’re in this situation, it’s possible that the accessory you bought does connect to another iPhone, try connecting that accessory to your friends or relatives’ phones. If you still getting notifications that “accessories are not supported” on those products, there is a high probability that your accessories are poor quality ones. At this point, you should come back to the store where you bought those products from to return them and buy a different accessory to try it out afterwards. In particular, it is recommended to buy in reputable stores, long-standing brands to get the best products. 


Updating the software to the latest version is also essential, while ensuring high security. And it may also be compatible with the accessory, no more warning errors.

In particular, when you want to buy 3rd party accessories to get a more affordable price than Apple products, you should choose brands like Baseus, Anker, Belkin,… to get the best quality goods.

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