Latest update on Samsung camera repair cost in 2023

Screen damage is inevitable during the use of smartphones. In terms of overall cost, repairing a Samsung screen is cheaper and less prone to issues compared to iPhones. If you are currently facing a Samsung screen issue and seeking information on repair service prices, this article from Phone Repair Centre will help you learn about Samsung camera repair costs and reliable phone repair shops that you can consider!

1. How much does it cost to repair a Samsung camera?

samsung camera repair cost
Samsung camera repair cost

To accurately determine the Samsung camera repair cost, you need to consider several factors, including the service prices listed by repair shops, the severity of the damage, the location of the issue, the model type, and the phone warranty. The best approach is to promptly take your phone to a repair shop to find out the exact cost you need to pay for repairing your Samsung screen.

Below are the repair costs for Samsung cameras that you can refer to:

Model Rear Camera Lens Replacement Back Glass Replacement
Galaxy S23 Ultra Repairs $75,00 $95,00
Galaxy S23 Plus Repairs $75,00 $95,00
Galaxy S23 Repairs $75,00 $95,00
Galaxy S22 Ultra Repair $60,00 $95,00
Galaxy S22 Plus Repair $60,00 $90,00
Galaxy S22 Repair $60,00 $85,00
Galaxy S21 Ultra Repairs $100,00 $80,00
Galaxy S21 Plus Repairs $310,00 $80,00
Galaxy S21 FE Repairs $60,00 $85,00

2. Factors Affecting Samsung Camera Repair cost?

In addition to the estimated costs mentioned above, you can evaluate the following factors to learn more about samsung camera repair cost:

2.1. Severity of the Damage

Samsung camera repair cost
Samsung camera repair cost

Samsung screen damage is one of the easiest issues to determine its severity. Minor issues like scratches or replacing small components will have relatively lower repair costs. In cases of severe damage, such as lens, image sensor, or circuit board issues, the repair costs may be higher. Complex repairs that involve dismantling or replacing multiple parts can also contribute to increased repair costs.

2.2. Camera Model and Age

Samsung camera repair cost
Samsung camera repair cost

The camera model and age of your Samsung camera play an important role when considering samsung camera repair cost. Newer camera models often have more complex designs, advanced features, and specialised components, which can result in higher repair costs compared to older camera models. Additionally, older models may have fewer available replacement parts, potentially increasing the cost if specific components need to be sourced.

2.3. Phone Insurance

Samsung camera repair cost
Samsung camera repair cost

If your phone is still under warranty, you can check the warranty page on Samsung’s website or contact their support team to see if you can get your phone repaired for free. However, warranty coverage typically has limitations and may not cover damages caused by individuals or accidents, etc.

2.4. Labour Costs

Samsung camera repair cost
Samsung camera repair cost

Cameras are intricate devices that require repairs from skilled technicians with specialised knowledge. This will impact the overall repair costs. Additionally, if you need urgent same-day repairs, the samsung camera repair cost will be higher compared to regular costs.

3. Reputable Samsung Camera Repair Shops

Phone repair centre
Phone repair centre

Phone Repair Centre is one of the reputable phone camera repair shops for Samsung devices, highly rated by customers in 2023. The technicians at Phone Repair Centre can fix all issues that may occur during the usage of your device, such as camera damage, water damage, phone explosions, and more.

If the shop is unable to repair your device, you will not be charged for the diagnostic fee. Phone Repair Centre ensures that all devices, including iPads, iPhones, laptops, and Samsung phones, are thoroughly diagnosed to identify any existing issues, allowing for timely repairs.

Moreover, Phone Repair Centre is committed to using 100% genuine replacement parts imported from trusted suppliers in Australia. All phone components are tested before installation to minimise the chances of malfunctions during usage. Additionally, when you repair your phone at the Phone Repair Centre, you will receive a lifetime warranty.

Therefore, if you are looking for information about Samsung camera repair cost and reputable, high-quality repair shops at affordable prices, Phone Repair Centre is not to be overlooked.


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