Information to know when replacing Samsung S10+ screen

Samsung phone users often worry about the high cost of Samsung s10+ screen replacement and may wonder how to differentiate between genuine Samsung screens and component screens. The article offers helpful tips for identifying Samsung s10+ screen replacement genuinely.

 1. Reasons that require you to replace the screen

The touch screen is an integral part of a smartphone that you interact with directly, and if it doesn’t function well, it can severely impact your user experience. Therefore, when purchasing a phone, it’s essential to ensure that the screen is in good working order and of high quality.

Reasons that require you to replace the screen
Samsung s10+ screen replacement

There are several reasons why you may need to Samsung s10+ screen replacement. These include:

  • Accidentally dropping the phone in water or exposing it to high humidity
  • Conflicting with software due to too many applications or issues with the operating system.
  • External impacts like falls drops or pressure from heavy objects can also damage the screen.
  • Screen bleeding, black dots, coloured lines, flickering, and vertical or horizontal stripes.
  • Insensitivity, freezing, and paralysis of the touch screen may also be due to errors in the glass.

Before having Samsung s10+ screen replacement, it’s crucial to identify the causes and conditions of the device to avoid unnecessary expenses.

 2. Samsung S10+ screen replacement process

In order to Samsung s10 full screen replace with a genuine and easy-to-use screen, it’s best to take your phone to a reputable store like the Repair Center. Here are the steps that you can expect when Replace S10 screen at the Repair Center:

Step 1: Bring your damaged Samsung phone to the front desk of the Repair Center. The receptionist will then take your phone to the technical department to assess the condition of the screen.

Step 2: Based on the assessment, the staff at the Repair Center will offer the most cost-effective and optimal solution for your screen replacement. They will advise you on genuine and intact touch glass options. If you agree, the center will replace the screen.

Step 3: The Repair Center staff will then proceed to remove the old screen and Replace Samsung S10 Plus screen.

Step 4: After Replace Samsung Plus screen with a genuine and original Samsung S10+ screen, the technician will check the device’s operating status before returning it to you.

Step 5: Once you receive your phone, the Repair Center will give you a warranty card. All components and accessories at the Repair Center come with a warranty and are guaranteed to be genuine, 100% zin.

Samsung S10+ screen replacement process
Samsung S10+ screen replacement process

3. How to check for genuine Samsung S10 screen

3.1 Distinguish genuine Samsung Plus screen and component screen

When you purchase a new phone or receive it after a screen repair, there are several ways to tell if the screen is genuine:

  • Look at the colors Replace genuine Samsung Plus screen displays bold colors with high-quality strokes that appear more vivid and true-to-life than a component screen.
  • Check the fit: If you look closely, a component screen often does not match the edges of the device, which can cause a protruding screen.
  • Test the touch: A genuine screen provides a smoother surfing experience and is more sensitive than a component screen.
  • Check for a uniform border: The screen border and the machine frame should be identical and match. If there is a gap, you should bring the device back to the store or repair center where you bought or repaired it for further inspection.
samsung s10+ screen replacement
Samsung S10+ screen replacement process

3.2 How to check Samsung S10 screen

Upon receiving your device, it is important to check the appearance of the phone for scratches, cracks, protrusions, or deformations. Additionally, you can try checking the brightness of the screen by adjusting it to the highest and lowest levels to see if the phone adjusts quickly or not.

To further test the screen, you can look in different directions to see if the phone screen appears ghosted or discolored. These checks can help ensure that your device is in good working condition and that the screen replacement was performed correctly.

How to check Samsung S10 screen
How to check Samsung S10 screen

3.3 Some steps to check Samsung S10 screen

Step 1: Open the phone’s call application, and enter the command and press the call button. This is the way to check when Samsung s10+ screen replacement

Step 2: A basic menu will appear, select “Receiver” to check the screen features.

Step 3: The screen will turn white, and you should observe the corners and edges of the screen for any deformities or discolorations. Rotate the screen at different angles to check for ink spills and light leaks. After checking, press the “Back” button to return to the menu bar.

Step 4: Perform colour tests by selecting the items “Red, Green, Blue and Black”, and check for colour loss or ink spills, pay close attention to check when Samsung s10+ screen replacement for colour loss or ink spills or not.

Some steps to check Samsung S10 screen
Some steps to check Samsung S10 screen

Additionally, you can test the touch screen by selecting “Touch”, and use your finger to follow the green parts on the screen. Check if your drawing line breaks or deviates at any point. If the line is broken, it may indicate that your screen has been replaced or there is a dead touch point on the phone.


If you need any assistance or information about Samsung s10+ screen replacement and components, you can visit Repair Center for advice.

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