Phones’ screens turn off by themselves while in use and how to solve the issue


Mobile phone turning off the screen while in use is a very common issue that we can encountered, it can cause many unnecessary annoyances. So what is the reason of the self-shutdown error and can it be fixed?

The reasons for mobile phones turning off the screen while in use

The interval set for auto-lock on your phone is too short:

Sometimes the phone turns off the screen on its own while in use not because your phone is having internal problems, but just because you are setting the time for auto-lock feature too short. Setting an auto-lock can help you save battery life for your smartphone, but sometimes it also affects usage.

The error occurred because the phone had a software conflict:

While using a smartphone, you will install many applications to serve your demands. However, some software of unknown origin, malware will cause the phone to have software conflicts and cause errors which will turn your mobile phone screen off itself

Mobile phone was dropped and damaged:

When using a smartphone, sometimes we will accidentally drop the phone or the phone is being hit by different objects. When encountering external forces and getting damaged so many times, it is inevitable that the phone will have a broken screen or power button, causing the phone to power off.

Mobile phone with battery faulty:

The issue of the phone turning off the screen while in use is sometimes caused by damage to some typical components such as the battery. When the smartphone encounters battery errors such as battery degraded, battery being aged, the battery is damaged,… also causes your smartphone to experience unexpected screen shutdown.

Mobile phone screen is damaged:

A common cause of self-screen shutdown is broken phone screen. The broken screen not only causes the phone to turn off the screen on its own, but if not being fixed on time, it will lead to more severe damage, more repair costs which sometimes can be equivalent to the initial value of the phone

Simple and quick solutions to solve mobile phone turning off screen itself

Understanding the common reasons why the smartphone screen is suddenly turned off will help us figure out reasonable and effective ways to fix errors. Here are a few things you can try to fix your phone’s self-screen shutdown issue:

Restart your phone:

This is a simple yet effective way that can be applied to solve different problems of your phone. With just a small action of holding the power button to restart the device, you can temporarily fix the overload of the device that causes the phone to turn off the screen on its own.

Adjust auto-lock time interval of your phone:

As mentioned, setting the auto-lock feature time too short will cause the screen to turn off on its own regularly. You should set the auto-lock time period longer to ensure that the smartphone experience is not affected. The reasonable and recommended auto-lock interval is 1 minute

Take your phone to a phone repair shop:

The fact that the phone turns off the screen on its own while in use is sometimes a warning sign for one or some potential damage. So for greater peace of mind when using a smartphone, you should quickly take your phone to a phone repair shop for troubleshooting and let the technicians work around with it in order to always keep your phone at its best condition. Phone Repair Centre Springvale is a trusted place to repair your phone.

Things to keep in mind:

When encountering screen turning off itself, the first priority is to back up important data. This will help you not to lose data if unfortunately the phone is damaged. You can use online storage methods or save them to hard drives.

Choose reputable repair shops can help you fix problems effectively and avoid scams. Reputable shops will use components and parts with verified origin as well as a transparent repair process, giving you more peace of mind when taking your phone out for repair.

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