iPhone‘s microphone does not work? Reasons and solutions

Microphone faults can cause many inconveniences to users. Do not worry, Phone Repair Centre will help you understand the real causes and the appropriate solutions on how to solve the issue by yourself.

1. The causes of iPhone’s microphone not working

The issue can be caused by different sources, they are:

  • Your phone has been dropped or hit by other objects
  • Your phone has been water-damaged
  • Battery faulty since there is software conflict or incompatible apps
  • Microphone socket is loose
  • The microphone cable is damaged, or other internal components are damaged
  • Dust clings onto the microphone after the phone has been used for a long period of time

2. How to solve microphone not working issue:

2.1.  Clean the microphone

The reason for the phone’s microphone not working may be because the mic is too dusty, you just need to clean the mic of your phone with a small cotton swab combined with alcohol. If your phone is using a case, sticker, or holster, remove them during cleaning process.

2.2.  Restore your phone

If your microphone is not working due to software conflict or incompatible apps, restoring your phone will help.

  • Step 1: Go to settings
  • Step 2: Press on “General”
  • Step 3: Press on “Transfer or Reset iPhone”
  • Step 4: Press on “Erase All Content and Settings”

Caution: Remember to back up your data before performing this solution to avoid losing data

Note: You can also use headphone while encountering this issue, but it is just an interim solution

3. Bring your phone to a phone repair provider:

If the issue could not be solved after you have tried the above solution, then there is a high probability that the issue comes from hardware, such as the socket of the cable connecting the microphone to the main is loose or the microphone cable assembly is faulty. At this point, it is best to take the device to a reputable phone repair provider to replace the broken iPhone mic.   

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