Updating 2023 Genuine Iphone Camera Repair Cost

Are you encountering issues with your iPhone camera as an iPhone user? No need to be concerned! This article from Phone Repair Center aims to offer crucial details regarding iPhone camera repair cost. Additionally, it recommends a trustworthy and skilled iPhone repair center that can assist you effortlessly rectify the problem and guarantee optimal performance of your iPhone camera once again!

1. Common iPhone camera problems

The iPhone camera is a vital feature that enables you to capture high-quality photos and videos. However, regular usage and various factors like impacts, water damage, and software issues can lead to image quality problems or unstable performance of the camera, resulting in iPhone camera repair cost. Common issues with the iPhone camera include:

  • Camera application showing a black screen: This is a common issue where the camera fails to work or the screen doesn’t display any image. The problem may arise from a software glitch, conflicts with other applications, or hardware malfunctions.
  • Blurry images: It’s a frequent problem when the camera fails to capture clear and sharp images. Possible causes include a dirty lens, errors in the image sensor, or software-related issues.
  • Malfunctioning or out-of-sync flash: If the flash on your iPhone either doesn’t work when taking pictures or operates out of sync with the camera app, it can make it challenging to capture photos in low-light conditions.
  • Front or rear camera not functioning: At times, either the front or rear camera of your iPhone may be damaged or stop working. This issue could stem from hardware malfunctions or conflicts within the software.
  • Errors related to aperture, autofocus, image stabilization, or image sensor: Some additional problems you may encounter include aperture maladjustment, autofocus or image stabilization features not functioning correctly, or errors occurring in the image sensor.

Iphone camera repair cost

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2. Factors affecting iPhone camera repair cost

iPhone camera repair cost is high or low depending on many factors. Here are some key factors that affect the cost of an iPhone repair you need to know:

  • Type of the problem: The cost of repairing the iPhone camera is influenced by the specific issue encountered. Minor problems such as lens cleaning or software reinstallation are typically less expensive compared to component replacements or complex hardware repairs.
  • Level of damage: The extent of damage to the iPhone camera module also impacts the repair costs. If only a single small component needs replacement, the expenses may be lower compared to replacing the entire camera module.
  • iPhone model and age: Repair costs can vary depending on the age and model of your iPhone. Finding replacement parts for older iPhone models might be more challenging, potentially leading to increased repair expenses.
  • Warranty coverage: If your iPhone is still covered under the original warranty, you may be eligible for free or discounted repair services.
  • Choice of repair center: iPhone camera repair cost can differ based on the repair center you select. Authorized service centers typically have fixed prices, while other establishments may have varying rates.

Factors affecting iPhone camera repair cost

3. Price list for iPhone camera repair cost

Below is a table of iPhone camera repair costs of some popular iPhone models today:



OEM rear camera replacement Genuine Apple rear camera replacement

Replace rear camera glass

iPhone 14 Pro Max

$250,00 $395,00


iPhone 14

$190,00 $300,00


iPhone 13 Pro Max

$250,00 $395,00


iPhone 13 Pro

$240,00 $395,00


iPhone 13

$200,00 $350,00


iPhone 12 Pro Max

$250,00 $350,00


iPhone 12 Pro


iPhone 11 Pro Max


iPhone 11 Pro $165,00


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4. Reputable iPhone camera repair shop

If you are in search of a reliable and skilled repair shop to fix your iPhone camera, look no further than Phone Repair Center. Renowned for their expertise in addressing iPhone issues, Phone Repair Center is the trusted destination for resolving problems with your device. Their team of professional technicians is equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that you receive top-notch repair services at a reasonable price. At Phone Repair Center, you can rest assured knowing that genuine parts are used, and the correct repair procedures are followed meticulously to restore your iPhone camera to optimal functionality.

Furthermore, at Phone Repair Center, you will receive a complimentary consultation and inspection for your iPhone camera. The skilled technical team will thoroughly examine your device, identify the issue, and propose the appropriate repair solution. They will also provide you with detailed information regarding iPhone camera repair cost and the estimated repair timeframe. With Phone Repair Center, you can have peace of mind knowing that your iPhone will be handled by experienced professionals, and they offer a warranty policy to ensure your absolute satisfaction after the repair is completed.

iPhone camera repair cost can vary based on several factors, and it’s crucial to consider these factors and select a reputable and trustworthy repair center. By providing this article, Phone Repair Center aims to equip you with valuable information to address your iPhone camera issues and empower you to make informed decisions. It is our hope that this article has been helpful in guiding you towards finding the right solutions and making wise choices regarding your iPhone camera repairs.

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