How To Keep Your Phone Screen in Good Condition

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Cracked Glass Replacement and Repair

We all have experienced that terrible moment where you accidentally drop your phone. You experience the terrifying moment of picking it up off the floor, waiting to see if it is cracked or not. Low and behold, it is cracked. It’s such a stressful moment. However, no need to worry because we’re here to make the process of repairing your phone screen as seamless as possible. Also, we are here to teach you some ways to keep your phone screen in good condition so this same issue doesn’t happen again.

Buy a High-Quality Case

One of the easiest things to do is to buy a durable phone case. The plastic, $5 ones you find at cheap or trendy stores won’t cut it. Those cases do nothing other than making your phone look prettier. If you really want to protect your phone, you should look into a more durable case that covers both the front and back of your phone. Alternatively, you could buy a case with bumpers on the front so if you drop your phone, the phone case will hit the ground – not your phone.

Screen Protectors

Another easy fix would be to get a screen protector. There are two options you could choose from a glass or plastic screen protector. Plastic screen protectors are cheaper than glass but glass screen protectors are more durable. Once you get a screen protector on your phone, the next time you drop it, hopefully, it will just be the screen protector that breaks and not the screen itself.

Keep It At Room Temperature 

Have you ever noticed when you leave your phone out in the sun for too long, you get a warning? This is because your phone has overheated. When this happens, the best thing to do is move your phone inside or undercover so it can cool down. When it is too hot outside, the high temperature can actually shatter your phone screen. On the flip side, if it is too cool out, your phone screen may also be prone to shattering for the opposite reason. The low temperature can cause your phone screen to get damaged. Therefore it is important to ensure your phone is not exposed to extreme weather conditions for long periods of time. 


This tip is not only useful in ensuring the phone screen stays intact but also improves your phone’s lifespan. Exposure to these extreme conditions can cause a lot of wear and tear not only externally but also internally. This may mean your phone could break on the inside a lot quicker, causing you to need repairs or a new phone. To avoid all the hassle, simply move your phone if you feel it is overheating or really cold.

Keep Your Phone In A Separate Bag or Pocket From Other Items 

All of us are guilty of just throwing our phones in our bags with all our other belongings. However, did you know that this could cause your phone to get damaged? There is a chance your keys could scratch your phone, damaging its screen. Other objects in your bag may also either scratch or cause a dent in your phone. This may make the exterior of the phone shatter a little or have imperfections. Whilst this is not common, it is still something to think about.

Cleaning Your Phone With A Cloth 

If you’re going to the effort to clean your phone, that’s great! We all should be doing that. It’s a great thing to do, not only to make it look nice but also it gets rid of all the germs that may cause damage to your phone internally. However, many people make the mistake of cleaning their phones with tissue paper or something a little rough. A soft cloth is the only thing you should be using to clean your phone. Using anything else may make your phone more likely to get scratched, damaging the exterior.

Be Kind To Your Phone

Whilst we all are culprits of throwing our phones all over the place, it is important to treat them with care. We all pay a lot of money for our phones, so we expect them to last a while. Although there are times we unintentionally drop our phones, there are also many times we carelessly throw them around. We think our phones are indestructible and even though many times the phone screen doesn’t break, there is a chance it could. Further, the more often you are carelessly throwing it around, whilst you may not see any exterior damage, there may be on the inside. Therefore it is important to be mindful of how you use your phone. Make sure to always place it down nicely.


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