5 Reasons You May Need to Repair Your Samsung Battery

Samsung phone batteries are made from lightweight lithium-ion, which is generally high energy density and safe for users. They typically have a tolerance capacity of up to 300-600 cycles of count before its battery begins to decline in performance. There are many factors that could affect your battery lifespan which users inevitably experience when owning any phone. For many people, however, purchasing a new phone may not be an option. Fortunately, you can replace your phone battery instead! 

At Repair Centre, we are your first port of call for anything Samsung repair related. We are conveniently located in Springvale and Frankston, ready to fix your phone battery repair needs at a cost-friently price. Here are five reasons why you may need to repair your Samsung battery: 

1. Charging Your Phone Too Often

If your Samsung battery is draining at a fast rate despite it being fully charged, you may be overcharging your phone. This can cause your phone’s battery life to deplete quicker than you would like, causing unexpected shutdowns that are annoying to deal with. Try to avoid charging your phone unnecessarily to preserve your battery’s lifespan. If your phone overheats during or after charging, please consider visiting your trusted service centre to get your Samsung battery looked at. 

2. Battery Lifespan Depends on Usage Environment

Your Samsung battery is heavily reliant on its usage environment. Most often, keeping your phone exposed in the winter time can deplete your phone battery. Cold environments tend to cause greater drops in battery voltage, impacting its performance. Conversely, your phone may overheat when placed in direct sunlight or in hot temperatures. It is best to consider protecting your Samsung phone from extreme weather to help prevent battery damage. 

For example, when camping in a cold environment, you might want to keep your phone in your sleeping bag at night to protect your battery’s lifespan! Samsung devices are designed to shut down to protect its battery components when necessary. If you are experiencing any of these phone symptoms, please consult Repair Centre for further direction.

3. Too Many Background Usage Apps

Your Samsung battery will be more likely to decline if you don’t clear out your unused background apps on your phone. On your Samsung phone, you can manually customise your background usage limits to reduce the amount of power your battery will use. Here’s how to do it: 

Step 1: Open Settings > Battery and Device Care

Samsung Battery Repair - Repair Centre Victoria

Step 2: Tap Battery

Step 3: Tap Background Usage Limits

Step 4: Select the app/s you want to control





4. Frequent Use of High-Performance Apps

If you constantly use gaming or camera apps, it may deteriorate your Samsung battery much faster due to its high power volume. It could potentially lead to a drop in battery performance and a slow response time. Try to close your recent applications that you aren’t currently using to help optimise your phone battery. 

5. 5G Service May Deplete Battery

Using a 5G network could potentially consume more battery. This is because your Samsung phone typically connects to multiple networks simultaneously, causing your battery to drain faster than you would typically expect. In this way, your phone requires high-speed processing of higher capacity data. If you can, switch your phone to wifi instead during use. 

All in all, if your Samsung battery is experiencing any of these five reasons above, please visit your nearest phone battery repair centre. Our technicians at Repair Centre Victoria are highly specialised in Samsung battery repair and related services. Please contact us for a consultation. For more information on our services or general advice, visit our site


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