Updated Iphone battery replacement cost in 2023

Updated Iphone battery replacement cost in 2023

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As you use your iPhone over time, the battery may gradually weaken. In such cases, replacing the battery is one of the most effective solutions to restore performance and usage time for your device. However, you may be wondering about iPhone battery replacement cost. Let’s delve into this matter in the following article by Phone Repair Centre.

1. How to check the battery status on an iPhone

If your iPhone shows unusual signs regarding the battery, such as fast draining, quick charging to full capacity, displaying 20 – 30% battery but suddenly shutting off, before considering iPhone battery replacement cost, the first thing you need to do is to examine the battery status on your device. Below are two methods to check the battery condition on an iPhone.

Method 1: Use the Battery Health app (available on iOS 11.3 and later) to check

  • Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone’s home screen.
  • Select the “Battery” option.
  • Tap on “Battery Health.”
Iphone battery replacement cost
Iphone battery replacement cost

Here, you will find information about the current battery status and its maximum performance. If your battery is weak, you may receive a recommendation notification to replace it.

  • In cases where your battery status indicates a maximum capacity of > 80%, the battery quality remains stable, and the level of depletion is not significant.
  • However, if your battery status shows a maximum capacity of < 80%, it is advisable to replace the battery to avoid compromising your user experience.

Method 2: Using third-party applications

On the App Store, search and download battery checking applications such as “Battery Life” or “Battery Testing.” After successful installation, open the application and follow its instructions. You will be able to view detailed information about your iPhone’s battery status, remaining lifespan, and performance.

Iphone battery replacement cost
Iphone battery replacement cost

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2. Some considerations before replacing the iPhone battery

Before proceeding with the iPhone battery replacement, below are some important considerations you should take into account:

  • Check the warranty: If your iPhone is still under warranty, verify whether the battery replacement is covered under the warranty. Typically, batteries are warranted for a specific period or a certain number of full charge cycles.
  • Choose a reputable store: Opt for a reliable and experienced iPhone repair store. This will help you avoid unnecessary issues and ensure that the new battery is installed correctly.
  • Use genuine or high-quality batteries: If you want to ensure the performance and durability of the battery, use genuine or high-quality replacement batteries from reputable suppliers. Avoid using cheap and uncertified batteries as they may cause undesirable problems such as rapid deterioration or incompatibility with your device.
  • Research and compare prices: Before making a decision on battery replacement, research and compare prices from various sources. This will enable you to find a reasonable price and potentially save on iPhone battery replacement cost.
Iphone battery replacement cost
Iphone battery replacement cost

3. iPhone battery replacement cost

After checking the battery status and finding that your battery is depleted, you need to take your iPhone to reputable stores for battery replacement. Below is the most up-to-date table for iPhone battery replacement cost:

Battery Replacement – Genuine Apple Battery Replacement – OEM
iphone 14 pro max battery replacement $225.00 $95.00
iphone 14 battery replacement $210.00 $170.00
iphone 13 pro max battery replacement $195.00 $170.00
iphone 13 battery replacement $195.00 $150.00
iphone 12 pro max battery replacement $170.00 $120.00
iphone 12 battery replacement $170.00 $130.00
iPhone 11 Pro Max battery replacement $160.00 $110.00
iPhone 11  battery replacement $160,00 $95.00

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4. Reputable iPhone Battery Replacement Address

After learning about iPhone battery replacement cost, you are undoubtedly searching for a trustworthy and high-quality phone repair centre to replace the battery for your iPhone. Phone Repair Centre is a reliable establishment specialising in battery replacement and resolving various iPhone issues. Upon visiting this centre, your phone will undergo a complimentary diagnosis to assess its condition. All costs here are transparent and clearly communicated to customers before commencing any repair or replacement. Notably, at Phone Repair Centre, there is a commitment to using only high-quality, genuine parts directly from manufacturers. These parts undergo thorough inspections before installation, and they come with a lifetime warranty, providing you complete peace of mind.

With a team of experienced experts in the field of smartphone repair, Phone Repair Centre pledges to offer you top-notch services with professionalism and dedication.

Iphone battery replacement cost
Iphone battery replacement cost

We hope that the article from Phone Repair Centre has provided you with additional information regarding iPhone battery replacement cost. Do not let a weak battery diminish your user experience; consider replacing the battery to continue enjoying all the fantastic features that the iPhone offers. If you have any questions that need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Phone Repair Centre for assistance.

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