The Causes Of Iphone Explodes And The Cost Of Repairing Iphones That Explode In 2023.

The Causes Of Iphone Explodes And The Cost Of Repairing Iphones That Explode In 2023.

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The occurrence of iPhones spontaneously exploding while users are charging the battery or carrying them on their person has become increasingly familiar. This has sparked numerous concerns regarding the potential dangers posed by iPhones to their users. The best course of action is to take the phone to the nearest store where experts can assist you in recovering your files. If you are seeking information regarding the causes of iPhone explodes and the associated repair costs, Phone Repair Centre will provide the answers you are searching for!

1. What are the causes of iPhone explodes?

When a mobile phone suddenly heats up and explodes, it is usually due to several common causes. If you are using an iPhone, it is important for you to be aware of these fundamental reasons in order to prevent such adverse situations that can cause damage to your device.

1.1 Iphone battery issues

One of the main reasons for iPhone explodes can be attributed to battery malfunctions or defects. This is particularly true for lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in smartphones and are susceptible to issues such as overheating, swelling, or short-circuiting. These incidents can arise from manufacturing defects, damage, or natural ageing of the battery over time.

When a battery experiences malfunctions, it can release a significant amount of heat and energy, leading to thermal runaway and the potential for explosions. Although Apple has implemented strict quality control measures to minimise the risk of battery defects, occasional incidents may still occur due to various factors.

Iphone has battery problem

1.2 External hazardous impacts

Like any other electronic device, iPhones can be susceptible to damage from external forces. If an iPhone experiences significant impact, such as being dropped from a considerable height or subjected to excessive pressure, it has the potential to damage internal components, including the battery. When the battery is damaged, there is an increased risk of overheating or malfunctions, thereby increasing the likelihood of fires or explosions.

Iphone dropped from above

1.3 Using accessories of unknown origin

The use of counterfeit or low-quality third-party accessories, such as chargers or cables, can pose risks to the safety and functionality of the iPhone. These accessories may not meet required safety standards or may not be compatible with the device, leading to issues such as overcharging, overheating, or short-circuiting. Utilising such accessories can exert excessive pressure on the battery and electrical system, resulting in the occurrence of iPhone explodes.

Fake iphone charging cable

1.4 iPhone exposure to high temperatures

Exposure to excessive temperatures, both hot and cold, can negatively impact the performance and safety of electronic devices, including iPhones. Subjecting an iPhone to high temperatures, such as leaving it inside a hot car or placing it near a heat source, can result in thermal overload. Similarly, extremely cold temperatures can affect the efficient energy supply of the battery.

Excessive heat can accelerate chemical reactions inside the battery, leading to rapid temperature increase and potential battery damage. Extreme cold temperatures can reduce the battery capacity and temporarily decrease battery performance. Both scenarios have the potential to cause iPhone to explode.

the causes of iPhone explodes

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2. Factors influencing the repair costs when an iPhone explodes

After having learned about the causes of iPhones heating up and exploding, it is likely that you would want to know the relevant information regarding the costs if, unfortunately, your iPhone encounters similar issues. The following are the key factors that affect the repair costs for a phone when an iPhone explodes:

2.1 Machine Insurance

The repair costs for an iPhone that has exploded can vary depending on several factors, including whether or not you have insurance, as well as the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. The following are some situations that may affect the costs to consider:

  • Accidental damage insurance:

If you have an insurance policy that covers accidental damage or device protection, it may help cover the costs of repairing or replacing your iPhone. However, specific details of the insurance, such as deductibles or limits, can vary depending on insurance providers and policies. It is important to review your insurance policy documents or contact your insurance provider to understand the coverage scope and any associated costs.

  • Manufacturer’s warranty

If your iPhone is still within the manufacturer’s warranty period, it may cover certain types of defects or malfunctions. However, it is important to note that warranties typically do not cover damages caused by accidents, including when the iPhone explodes due to external factors. If the explosion is due to a manufacturing defect, the warranty may cover repairs or replacements. Once again, it is advisable to review the terms of the warranty and contact Apple or an authorised service provider for assistance.

Apple insurance

  • Out-of-warranty repairs

If your iPhone is not covered by a warranty, the repair costs for iPhone explodes are typically your responsibility as the owner. In such cases, you may have to pay for the repair or replacement of necessary components, along with any associated labour costs. The repair costs can vary depending on the specific model, the extent of the damage, and the repair service provider you choose.

  • AppleCare+ insurance

Apple offers an optional warranty and extended coverage package called AppleCare+. If you have AppleCare+ for your iPhone, it provides additional insurance coverage beyond the standard warranty. Depending on the situation, AppleCare+ may help reduce the costs of repairs or replacements due to accidental damage, subject to deductibles and certain conditions. Review the terms and conditions of AppleCare+ and contact Apple’s support department for further guidance.

2.2 Device Status

The severity of damage caused by  iPhone explodes can range from minor cosmetic issues to serious damage to internal components. In some cases, the explosion can damage the battery, logic board, display, camera, or other vital components. The greater the extent of the damage, the higher the repair costs will be.

iphone explodes

2.3 Component Replacement

Depending on the extent of the damage, certain components may need to be replaced entirely. For example, if the battery is affected, it may need to be replaced. If the explosion damages the screen, camera, or other components, they may also require replacement. The cost of replacing the parts and labour will contribute to the overall repair costs.

replace iphone components when iphone explodes

3. Reputable repair shop when iphone explodes

If you are looking for a reputable phone repair shop, don’t overlook Phone Repair Centre. With the credibility of being an Apple-certified IRP partner, Phone Repair Centre’s team will assist you in addressing phone-related issues, ensuring a 100% diagnostic fee waiver for all devices.

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After reading the Phone Repair Centre‘s article, it is hoped that they have provided you with useful information regarding the repair costs when an iPhone explodes in 2023. In case you need any support, please contact us immediately via the hotline for prompt assistance!

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