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Battery Replacement Pixel 6A

As the Google Pixel 6A quickly becomes one of the most popular mid-range smartphones on the market, it’s essential for owners to understand how to maintain their device’s battery health properly. Over time, all lithium-ion batteries inevitably degrade, leading to reduced runtimes and unexpected shutdowns. Rather than letting a worn-out battery hamper your Pixel 6A experience, a professional battery replacement service can breathe new life into your device. In this blog post, we’ll explore the signs it’s time for a Pixel 6A battery swap, what to expect from the repair process, and where to find a reliable service provider.

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Jame B

Battery Replacement Pixel 6A

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I had a great experience getting my Google Pixel 6A battery replaced at the Phone Repair Centre. The process was quick, the technicians were knowledgeable, and the pricing was very reasonable.

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Mary J

Battery Replacement Pixel 6A

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Phone Repair Centre's Google Pixel 6A battery replacement service is top-notch. The staff is friendly, the turnaround time was fast, and the new battery has significantly improved my phone's performance.

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Anthony V

Battery Replacement Pixel 6A

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As someone who is not very tech-savvy, I was hesitant to get my Google Pixel 6A battery replaced, but the team at Phone Repair Centre made the process seamless. They explained everything clearly, and the final cost was very fair.

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Lyly K

Battery Replacement Pixel 6A

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Fantastic experience getting my Google Pixel 6A battery replaced at Phone Repair Centre. The staff was courteous, the turnaround time was quick, and the quality of the replacement battery is excellent.

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No, the Google Pixel 6A battery is not designed to be user-replaceable. You must take it to an authorized repair centre or Google store to have the battery professionally replaced.

A battery replacement on a Google Pixel 6A usually takes 1-2 hours for a professional repair shop to complete.

Depending on usage, smartphone batteries typically last 18-24 months before needing replacement. If you notice significantly reduced battery life, getting it checked and replaced is a good idea.

If the replacement is done by an authorized Google repair centre, it should not void your warranty. However, attempting to replace the battery yourself may void the warranty.

Yes, a professional battery replacement should not affect your data or settings. The technician will remove the old battery without disturbing the rest of the phone’s internals.

What makes your Pixel 6A battery damaged and doesn’t last long?

There are a few common factors that can lead to a damaged or degraded battery in a device like the Google Pixel 6A:

1. Overcharging: 

Constantly leaving a battery on the charger after it has reached total capacity can degrade the battery over time.

2. Extreme Temperatures: 

Exposing a battery to very high or low temperatures outside the recommended operating range can damage the internal components.

3. Frequent Deep Discharges: 

Regularly draining a battery down to 0% before recharging can wear out the battery faster than partial discharges.

4. Age: 

All batteries will naturally degrade, even with proper care. Older batteries simply have a shorter maximum lifespan.

5. Mechanical Damage: 

Physical impacts, punctures, or crushing can compromise a battery’s internal structure and reduce capacity.

6. Incorrect Charging: 

Using the wrong charger or charging at improper voltages/currents can stress and degrade a battery.

The key is to use batteries within their recommended operating parameters, avoid extreme conditions, and not overwork them excessively. Proper care and usage habits will help maximize a battery’s lifespan.