How to repair an iphone water damage repair

When an iPhone drops into water, it has the potential to cause extensive damage to your mobile device. However, if the proper repair measures are taken, it is possible to salvage the phone and avoid incurring significant expenses. In this article, Repair Centre will provide you with various methods to iphone water damage repair.

I. Issues arising from iPhone water damage 

1. Screen malfunction

When an iPhone drops into water, the screen may suffer from issues such as color distortion, tinting or the appearance of white lines. These complications can greatly diminish the user experience and pose usage difficulties. Should your mobile device encounter these issues, rest assured that there are multiple methods to effectively iphone water damage repair.

Iphone water damage repair

2. Touch screen issues

The most common issue is when some points or the entire touch screen of your iPhone becomes unresponsive after being submerged in water.

3. No sound or distorted sound from speakers

The speaker locations on the iPhone have exposed circuits. When your phone comes into contact with liquids, these are the first areas that water can seep into and cause damage. A malfunctioning speaker can disrupt the device’s ability to emit sound, affecting the user’s ability to hear from the iPhone.

iphone water damage repair

4. SIM card not detected

The SIM tray on your iPhone is also one of the areas that are prone to water damage. If water infiltrates this area, it can cause the iPhone to not detect the SIM or even damage the SIM card itself. 

II. How to fix water damaged phones

When your iPhone drops into water, it can cause various damages to the device, from power outage and hardware damage to important data loss. However, if you know how to iphone water damage repair below, you can save your device and avoid high prices for repair services.  

1. Turn the iPhone off immediately

It is crucial to turn off the device immediately to prevent further damage. 

To turn off your iPhone, you need to press and hold the power button and the volume up button simultaneously until the Slide to Power Off option appears on the screen. Then, swipe right and wait until the iPhone is completely turned off.

Turning off the iPhone immediately is a necessary step to iphone water damage repair from entering important components of the device and increase the chances of repairing the damages later.

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2. Remove your iPhone’s SIM card and tray

The next step you need to take when iphone water damage repair after turning off the mobile device is to remove the SIM card from the phone and ensure that your SIM card is not wet. 

3. Dry the outside of your iPhone

You should use a cotton cloth or paper tissue to gently wipe the outside of the iPhone. If you are using a phone case, remove it immediately before drying. Avoid using excessive force when drying to prevent damage to the phone.

how to fix water damaged iphone

4. Dry your iPhone

Two ways to dry out an iPhone that has been damaged by water: 

  • Put the phone in a dry place

The next step to iphone water damage repair is to check and ensure that the internal components are not wet. Now, place your mobile device in a dry and warm location to allow the water vapor inside the iPhone to evaporate.

If you intend to place your iPhone in sunny locations to speed up the drying process, be careful as this is a common mistake when iphone water damage repair, and if not careful, the device may become more severely damaged. Therefore, Repair Centre recommends placing your phone in a location that receives consistent heat, such as next to a monitor or on top of a TV. 

  • Use Silica gel moisture-proof pack

how to fix water damaged iphone

In addition to the method of drying the phone using the above steps, you can also use a safer measure, which is to use a gel silica moisture-absorbing packet. They will help to quickly and effectively absorb moisture when placed on top and bottom of the iPhone.  

5. Recover data from a water-damaged iPhone

If the phone is not severely damaged and its features are still working properly, you should still check them as the steps to iphone water damage repair above, and then dry them. After that, try restarting the phone. If your iPhone resets to its original settings and all data on the phone is lost, you can then use the restore function of your iPhone from a backup previously created via iCloud or iTunes on your computer to recover the lost data.  

6. Check iPhone warranty status

To ensure that your iPhone is not affected by any significant issues after falling into water, you should bring it to a reputable and professional iPhone repair and warranty center. Sometimes, your iPhone may not malfunction right away, but it could encounter unexpected issues after a few days. Therefore, after performing the ways to iphone water damage repair aforementioned, quickly put your phone in a plastic bag and take it to a trusted warranty center for inspection and repair. This way, you can have peace of mind compared to attempting to fix your phone at home. 

III. What should you not do when your iPhone falls into water?

  • Do not turn on or use your iPhone under any circumstances.
  • Do not press any button or key on your iPhone.
  • Do not tap or hit your device to make the water come out.
  • Do not disassemble any part of your phone as it may void the warranty and compromise safety.
  • Do not blow into your iPhone hoping to make the water evaporate faster. This will only cause the water to spread more and cause more damage.
  • Do not use a hairdryer or put your phone in the microwave to dry it faster.
  • Do not put your phone in the freezer, as it can be extremely dangerous for your iPhone.

In this article, Repair Centre has shown you how to iphone water damage repair so that you can quickly rescue your mobile device before it’s too late. If you have any questions, please contact us for immediate assistance.

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