iPhone does not charge, intermittent charging and how to fix it

When you plug in your iPhone to charge, you expect to see the little lightning bolt appear on the screen, indicating that it’s charging. However, sometimes you might find that the screen remains blank, or that the charging icon only appears intermittently. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re trying to use your phone and it keeps running out of battery. When experiencing this problem, users often try to recharge with a different charging cable or plug it back in. But all of that is just a temporary solution. To completely fix the issue, you need to find out the cause of the error and how to fix it before taking it to the store to replace the genuine iPhone charging cable.

Why is the iPhone not charging the battery?

Many reasons lead to the iPhone not receiving the charger, and not charging the battery. Among them, the most common reasons include:

  • Your iPhone charger, charger is damaged
  • iPhone charging cable is damaged, and does not conduct electricity
  • Phone voltage drop due to long time no use
  • Damaged iPhone battery
  • Broken iPhone charging pin
  • The charging port, and charging iC on iPhone is broken
  • There is an intrusion of foreign software into the system
  • The socket is not connected to electricity

How to fix iPhone not charging error

There are many ways to fix the iPhone not charging issue, do you know? Let’s take a look at 2 ways to fix it?

Fix iPhone showing a charging logo but not charging

When the iPhone shows signs that the phone is not plugged into the battery or the battery is not charging, try to fix it through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Check the charger, charging cable for signs of breakage, broken on the cable cover or the metal area at the end of the cable is bent, broken or not.  
  • Step 2: Check the outlet for power or try plugging in another outlet if there is a spark or an explosion in the socket.

  • Step 3: Clean the dirt in the charging port with a sim card stick or a toothbrush.
  • Step 4: Plug and charge the charging tablet within half an hour.
  • Step 5: Proceed to restart the tablet.
  • Step 6: Continue to charge the tablet for another half hour.

If you have followed the above steps correctly but have not been able to fix the error of the phone battery not charging or charging intermittently, at this time you should bring the device to a reputable phone repair center so that the techniques can be checked. Do you need to replace your iPhone charging cable?

Fix iPhone not charging 100% (iPhone stops charging when 80% battery)

While charging, your tablet, iPhone will heat up a bit. To increase battery life, the software will automatically limit the battery level to 80% if the battery gets too hot. Then, unplug the charger and wait for the device to cool down and then charge again, or you should charge the iPhone battery in a cool, low-temperature environment.  

The case of “accessory not supported or untested”

There are a number of reasons why the phone charging port is damaged, faulty, or the charging cable and charger you are using is not a non-standard Apple port. Or it may be because the charger is not compatible with the phone. At this point you need: change another charging accessory compatible with iPhone and proceed to update the operating system.

You should bring the device to a store with a professional technician to fix the main ic usb charger for iPhone phones, not do it yourself at home. To avoid damage through other parts of the machine.

Replace the new charging port when the iPhone charging port is damaged

As mentioned above, when iPhone does not charge, in addition to the battery issue, main or charging cord, the charging port is also the component you should check. If the port is broken, our Phone Repair Centres could replace the charging port in 1 hour.

Things to know when the iPhone battery charger does not turn on

See now the top things to know to fix iPhone battery not charging. Find out more about this information below!

How to charge iPhone properly

Here are a few tips when charging the phone to avoid damage to the battery that you should know.

If charging by lightning port:

  • Please use original charging accessories or from a certified suppliers
  • If you charge through a computer that needs to be turned on, do not charge while the computer is asleep.  
  • Do not charge the phone using the USB port on the removable keyboard.

If using wireless charging:

  • Do not use the charger with a thick case.
  • Remove accessories such as VISA cards, passports or key chains when charging as this may damage the electronic case or the RFID chip.
  • Do not charge wireless and wired charging at the same time.  
  • Turn off the vibration alert when charging because if left, the phone will be out of position when there is a notification.  

Is it good to charge your iPhone overnight?

Many people mistakenly think that charging iPhone overnight is not good because this will make the battery bottle and hot, but this is not true. Smartphones today are equipped with a chip that automatically disconnects when fully charged.

But why do you still see your phone 100% full in the morning when you know for sure that the phone will lose 1-2% battery even when not in use. In fact, to maintain 100% of the battery, when the battery is full, the power chip does not draw energy from the battery, but directly from the charger, at this time the phone will not consume electricity on the battery. In short, plugging the iPhone into the charger overnight will not affect the battery health and cause the iPhone to not charge.

How long does it take to charge iPhone?

How long does it take for an iPhone to be fully charged, this is a matter of concern to many people. In fact, the time to fully charge the iPhone phone will depend on many different factors such as the iPhone model you are using, the phone that supports fast charging, etc. For example, with the iPhone 7, to fully charge the battery you will need 2 hours 15 minutes to 2 hours 40 minutes. But this number is only 2 hours 3 minutes with iPhone 6 and iPhone X is 3 hours.

If you want your phone to charge faster, you can use fast charging to support as well as turn off wifi, notifications and put on airplane mode when charging.

Does a fully charged iPhone disconnect itself?

This question has been answered above, when the iPhone is fully charged, the phone’s power chip will recognize and completely disconnect the charge without having to use the micro trickle charging mode as many users often think.

How many times to charge the battery?

The life of each battery will depend on the battery charge cycle. In which, 1 charge cycle is counted when the battery is fully charged from 0% to 100%.

For example, if your phone has 30% battery left, you plug it in and charge it to 100%, it still does not count as 1 charge cycle, 1 charge cycle is only counted when you charge the next time with 30% more battery. plus 70% of the battery you charged last time. When the phone is new, the battery capacity will reach its maximum capacity and this number will be gradually reduced during use. And the battery will bottle 20% after about 500 charge cycles.

Does Charging iPhone alot of time affect the battery life?

There is no ratio between battery life and number of charging times. As you know, after about 500 charge cycles, the phone battery will gradually degrade. And a charge cycle is not a single charge. Therefore, unplugging the battery when it is not fully charged will not affect the battery life. Besides, the phone should work fine between 50-80% battery. Therefore, users can plug in the charger whenever needed without having to worry about the problem with the battery.

How many hours does it take to charge the iPhone for the first time?

There are many tips and first 3 charges. That is, users need to charge for 8 hours in the first 3 charges when buying the phone. In fact, this advice is true for old battery technology, but for today’s new battery technologies, users can completely withdraw when fully charged without waiting for up to 8 hours.

Is it okay if iPhone is not fully charged?

Unplugging the charger when iPhone is not fully charged is easy to damage the iPhone battery, this is not true.

iPhone battery life is determined by the charging cycle. Therefore, users can charge and unplug the charger whenever needed without worrying too much about the battery bottle.

Does the battery need to be replaced when the iPhone is not charging?

When the iPhone phone does not charge to the battery, immediately try the ways to fix the phone error above. If after trying all the ways, then your phone is most likely damaged, possibly by the battery or iC charging. For the most accurate information, bring the device to a reputable phone repair center to have it checked. If the fault is caused by the battery, you need to replace the iPhone battery with a new one. But if it is charged by the iC, it is necessary to replace the iC to charge the iPhone.

When the battery does not charge, most users think the battery is damaged. But in fact, this issue can be caused by many reasons from the charging cable, charger or even the operating system. Therefore, you do not need to replace the original iPhone battery as  soon as there are signs of not charging, but find out the reason for the best repair.

Where is the good place to fix iPhone not charging?

If you are wondering about choosing a repair place, go to Phone Repair Centre, with a team of highly qualified and Apple-certified technicians who will help you solve the problem of iPhone not charging quickly. Here, you can be assured of the quality as well as the repair cost. 

If you have learned about the error of iPhone not charging , as well as causes and detailed solutions, remember to take care of your phone and accessories carefully. Do not fold the charging cable, shake the end of the cable in the charging port when carrying it, or expose the tablet or accessory to excessive dust and dirt.


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