Computer keeps restarting and how to solve the issue

Has your computer ever suffered a constant reboot or similar to computer powers off itself and restart resumption continuously? This error is not serious, but it causes a lot of inconvenience, especially losing data that has not been saved when using the device. So how to fix this troublesome computer error. Let’s see all the tips below in terms of how to fix the error!

1. Reasons for computer keeps restarting:

  • The computer’s hard drive encountering Bad Sector (is a cluster of storage on the hard drive that appears to not be working properly)
  • Your computer has been overheated due to long duration of high-performance use
  • Graphic card is overloaded
  • Your laptop has virus
  • CMOS battery runs out
  • Insufficient power supply
  • Your computer has mainboard issue

2. How to solve the issue of computer keeps restarting:

2.1. Solving Bad Sector issue:

When users use data at faulty hard drive partitions, the computer will restart automatically.

Steps to solve Bad Sector issue:

+ Step 1: Click on Windows Explorer, choose C drive (where Window was installed)

+ Step 2: Right click on Properties > click on Tools

+ Step 3: Click on Check now at Error-checking section to perform a hard-drive troubleshooting

In the situation where your hard drive is no longer working, we recommend you replacing a new hard drive.

2.2. Computer keeps restarting due to being overheated:

+  Remove the fan and clean the radiator, avoiding the accumulation of dirt that limits the cooling effect

+ Apply thermal paste

+ If you have a PC, we recommend you installing extra fans to improve heat dissipation

+ Using the machine in cool places, avoiding use on the mattress to reduces the temperature and helps the component have a longer life.

2.3. Insufficient power supply:

The power supply is an extremely important device to help the computer operate normally, but if the power supply is unstable, insufficient, it can also lead to the computer automatically turning off the power. You can try changing to a power supply with a higher voltage and the current used must be stable to be able to fix the error from this cause

2.4.Computer keeps restarting due to virus:

This is a very common reason for computer restarting issue, you need to use antivirus software and always leave it in real-time execution mode to scan and prevent virus intrusion from affecting your system.

2.5. Graphic card is overloaded:

You should uninstall the graphic card and try to use Onboard to check, if it does not solve the issue, we recommend you taking your computer to a repair provider.

2.6. RAM sticks are loose:

If the computer beeps when it does not receive RAM or the RAM is loose, it will also cause the above error to occur

How to fix: Remove the RAM to clean the slots, RAM pins and remember to copy the data before cleaning the RAM

2.7. CMOS battery runs out:

CMOS batteries have the function of temporarily storing data when the machine is operating and in case of sudden power cuts. Therefore, when the CMOS battery runs out of power, the trouble can also go to your computer, specifically the error of turning off the power itself. To handle this error, users should remove the CMOS battery from the device then clean it, use an electric pen to try, if it runs out, you need to replace the new CMOS battery

2.8. Computer’s battery is damaged or degraded:

If the error does not arise from the software, then the battery is the leading cause of this situation! For battery-related errors, you need to disassemble the battery and use a direct power supply. If the computer is working properly, you should take it to the store to replace the laptop battery. Phone Repair Centre Brighton provide professional laptop/ Macbook repair  service and we can also assist you with any laptop battery related issues

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance. We look forward to helping you.   Thank you! 


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