“Copy” iPhone Screens vs OEM vs Genuine Screen – What You Need to Know

Is There a Difference?

Customers who bring their iPhones to us for a screen repair are offered 3 choices of replacement, a “Copy” screen, original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) screen or  an Apple genuine screen. The most common response is “Is there a difference- and which one would you recommend?”

Genuine screens are of course the best, sourced directly from Apple. There are a lot of phone repair shop claim that they have the genuine or original screen but it is actually the refurbished screen, not 100% new. OEM screens were manufactured by the same company that makes the parts for Apple. So-called “copy” screens are compatible replacements, but designed and manufactured entirely independently by third-party companies, typically in China.

Our answer is simple – the genuine screen is the one we’d go for ourselves. However, we recommend the OEM screen because they’re high quality and the price is much cheaper than the genuine screen. Some people think we make more money on them, but this isn’t the case

We’d rather only  fit genuine screens. The only reason we don’t is that many people will shop around and choose purely on price. As such, we need to offer the cheaper copy screens to remain competitive and avoid losing these customers. In some cases, they didn’t even know there was a difference in the first place- especially since it’s not in some shops’ interest to draw people’s attention to the issue!

We are an Independent Repair Provider (IRP) with Apple. This means that it is compulsory for Apple-certified technicians to perform your technology repair. At Repair Centre, our Apple-certified technicians are highly trained and qualified to address your needs such as iPhone repair or MacBook repair.


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