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  • Repair Centre Victoria is trading under Repair Centre Frankston, Repair Centre Springvale, Repair Centre Preston. These terms and conditions are applied to all repair jobs that either done on site or at client’s sites. Please review these terms and conditions from time to time before booking repair jobs.
  • Repair Centre Victoria warranty applies when the exact same fault occurs or the replaced component fails within 90 days of receipt or repair, with the exception of liquid damaged phones
  • Liquid Damage: Phones which are faulty due to liquid ingress will have only 7 days warranty on the specific component fixed/ replaced or work done (i.e.: no warranty for the failure of any additional components at a later stage). Furthermore, due to possible progressive corrosion, Repair Centre Victoria accepts no responsibility for any further faults which occur during the time between the quotation and the commencement of repairs.
  • Setting and Data: Phone may lose some or all of the user software setting and date in the phone when in the process of assessment, diagnosis and repair and will not be recoverable. Repair Centre Victoria accepts no responsibility for such loss.
  • The warranty is void: after receipt of repair if Repair Centre Victoria label is tampered of any way whatsoever, if any other party attempts repairs on the phone, or if the phone has been physically/ liquid damaged.
  • If the Screen or LCD has been replaced on your phone and it is broken/cracked when you bring it back to our stores, it will be treated as physical damaged and thus void the warranty.
  • We cannot guarantee that the phone will be water resistant / water proof after repairs. Please do not bring the phone under water even though it may be advertised as water proof by manufactures.
  • You have authorised us to move your devices to another stores for the best interest to repair your devices.
  • You must provide the proof of payment to have your warranty claims approved. Without receipts we can decline to do warranty for you.
  • Labour changes may also apply for any cancellation or reversals after confirmation to proceed with repairs have been given.
  • Cosmetics replaced/ Repaired (e.g. Housing, cover, casting, lens…) will have no warranty provided.
  • When phone are being unlocked, no responsibility is taken for other function of the phone is working. There is no warranty on unlocking. We guarantee that the phone is unlocked; everything else is the responsible of the customer
  • If you DON’T collect your Unit/Equipment within 30 days, we have the rights to dispose or sell to recover the repair cost
  • You will be provided with a pickup card or receipt, we can refuse to return the devices to you if you cannot provide these documents.
  • Please do ask the technician for more information if there is anything that you may not know or clear about before leaving the device with us.
  • We will retain your information in our system and we may or may not get in touch with you for further assessment or sales related.


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